The Power of Feel-Good Thompson Sampling: A Unified Framework for Linear Bandits
Zhiyuan Fan, Quanquan Gu
Submitted to ICML 2023

On the Interplay Between Misspecification and Sub-optimality Gap: From Linear Contextual Bandits to Linear MDPs
Weitong Zhang, Jiafan He, Zhiyuan Fan, Quanquan Gu
Submitted to ICML 2023

OpenFE: Automated Feature Generation beyond Expert‑level Performance
Tianping Zhang, Zheyu Zhang, Zhiyuan Fan, Haoyan Luo, Fengyuan Liu, Wei Cao, Jian Li
Submitted to ICML 2023

Efficient Algorithms for Sparse Moment Problems without Separation
Zhiyuan Fan*, Jian Li*
Preprint arXiv:2207.13008

The Exact Complexity of Pseudorandom Functions and the Black-box Natural Proof Barrier for Bootstrapping Results in Computational Complexity
Zhiyuan Fan*, Jiatu Li*, Tianqi Yang*
Accepted by STOC 2022, Best Student Paper